Pregnancy Update February


February marks month 6 of my pregnancy. I can’t believe how quickly it is going. Read below for more on how I’m feeling this month.

I’m Feeling:
Pretty good! No real complaints here, I am happy to say that it’s been a pretty great pregnancy so far and I am just loving my (not so little) bump.Also anxious and excited. Hitting 6 months makes it feel a lot more real and makes me realize I don’t have that much time left. Lots to do!

Food On The Brain:
Umm,everything! My appetite has heavily increased and I have to eat every few hours to be pleased. Trying hard not to overdo it but definitely indulging (hey, now’s the time to do it right!). Items that are high on that list are sweets! Donuts, cookies, pop tarts, I’m all about those yummy sweets.

Maternity Fashion:

My bump is much bigger now and growing by the day so I am finding ways to work around it. The cold weather hasn’t made dressing up very exciting so I have been sticking to leggings and sweaters but on the occasion when I go out, I’m relying on my pieces from Destination Maternity and ASOS maternity. Just bought this adorable dress. Still able to fit into some of my non-maternity shirts and dresses and just picked up this maxi dress for warmer days.

Also, need to talk about baby clothes. I am trying very hard to not go crazy but just can’t resist. Once those spring clothes start hitting stores I am in big trouble. Just picked up this adorable Vince tee in navy to match his grandpa, and I am obsessed with all things baby Gap.

Plans Ahead:
I’m pretty intent on having everything done ASAP! The nursery is cleared out and ready for paint and we have started ordering some decorations, registry is done and I almost started washing the baby’s clothes the other day but figured I have a little bit more time on that one!
My bump truly popping to the point where people adknowlege that I am pregnant without being nervous to ask and feeling this baby boy kick all day long. I still get so excited every time I feel it.
The upcoming glucose test (I hear the drink is nasty) and an upcoming small surgery that is not so fun without any pain medications.


Looking Forward To:
My first pre-natal massage and seeing the nursery start coming together.