Men’s Grooming Tools

Men’s Grooming ToolsCombs

In the old days, it was a common practice for men to keep their combs with them because it was a regular expectation to keep a properly styled hair. It is still so today. Men still pay attention to their hair style and give it a unique look as they desire. Because there are different hair styles for men, the size of your chosen comb will largely depend on the hair style you keep.

Shaving Brushes

Shaving Brushes are very helpful in holding the shaving cream from watering down while shaving. Shaving brushes have bristles which are made from different materials like synthetic fibers or horsehair. The bristles of the shaving brush absorb the moisture of the shaving cream and make the shaving cream thicker and sticky to the skin while shaving to avoid watering down. The quality of any shaving brush is determined by the effectiveness of its bristles.

 Hair Trimmer

Sometimes, men get too busy that they don’t have the time to go to the salon for haircut. Hair trimmer is a lifesaver in situations like this. Hair trimmer is easy to use. You can choose to give your hair a unique style of your own once you have your hair trimmer. You can purchase hand-held trimming sets with interchangeable guard pieces. With the guard pieces, you can choose a uniform length of your hair that you would trim and not be at the risk of accidentally cutting your hair beyond your desire.


There are various types of razors. When you are making a choice of which one to buy, it is advisable that you go for the ones with recent technologies for effectiveness. Don’t just buy any razor. Read the labels and choose the one that will give you the best service.


Tweezers will help you clean up unruly brows. Your can purchase tweezers that can be held comfortably and easy to use. Disinfect your tweezers always before use. This can be easily done by dipping your tweezer into hot water for like five minutes and then pick it and dry it up.

Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are in sizes. There are nail clippers for finger nails and some for toes. You should keep your nail clippers clean before and after use. The nail clippers are usually made with stainless steel materials with sharp razor-like edge which enables the cutting of the nail once it clips the nail. You should be careful when using nail clippers to prevent cutting of your skin.

Shaving cream

Shaving cream is very useful when shaving. It makes shaving easy and not painful. There are different shaving cream products. You can make a choice of which product you will be using. However, be careful of changing shaving creams because some may react with skin. Get the knowledge of your skin type and read the labels of the natural shaving creams to know which one is good for you.


Makeup Obsessions

Hi there! I wanted to introduce you to my newest makeup obsession, Charlotte Tilbury. I had previously tried out a few of her products and was so impressed by the talented make-up artist’s line. The team at Charlotte Tilbury recently sent me the Filmstars on the go palettes and its safe to say they have quickly become my favorites.
makeup1 makeup2 makeup3
The best part about the filmstars palettes is that they are a two-minute, two-step pocket-palette for a full eye, cheek and lip look on-the-go and the colors are just gorgeous. I love how they are titled the look they are going for as well. For example, “some like it hot”  (the prettiest pink lip and my fave so far) and “rebel without a cause”
makeup4 makeup5 makeup6
All Charlotte Tilbury products can be found at Nordstrom. P.S. Be sure to check out their top products just in time for  the perfect Valentine’s day gift.  .

Pregnancy Update February


February marks month 6 of my pregnancy. I can’t believe how quickly it is going. Read below for more on how I’m feeling this month.

I’m Feeling:
Pretty good! No real complaints here, I am happy to say that it’s been a pretty great pregnancy so far and I am just loving my (not so little) bump.Also anxious and excited. Hitting 6 months makes it feel a lot more real and makes me realize I don’t have that much time left. Lots to do!

Food On The Brain:
Umm,everything! My appetite has heavily increased and I have to eat every few hours to be pleased. Trying hard not to overdo it but definitely indulging (hey, now’s the time to do it right!). Items that are high on that list are sweets! Donuts, cookies, pop tarts, I’m all about those yummy sweets.

Maternity Fashion:

My bump is much bigger now and growing by the day so I am finding ways to work around it. The cold weather hasn’t made dressing up very exciting so I have been sticking to leggings and sweaters but on the occasion when I go out, I’m relying on my pieces from Destination Maternity and ASOS maternity. Just bought this adorable dress. Still able to fit into some of my non-maternity shirts and dresses and just picked up this maxi dress for warmer days.

Also, need to talk about baby clothes. I am trying very hard to not go crazy but just can’t resist. Once those spring clothes start hitting stores I am in big trouble. Just picked up this adorable Vince tee in navy to match his grandpa, and I am obsessed with all things baby Gap.

Plans Ahead:
I’m pretty intent on having everything done ASAP! The nursery is cleared out and ready for paint and we have started ordering some decorations, registry is done and I almost started washing the baby’s clothes the other day but figured I have a little bit more time on that one!
My bump truly popping to the point where people adknowlege that I am pregnant without being nervous to ask and feeling this baby boy kick all day long. I still get so excited every time I feel it.
The upcoming glucose test (I hear the drink is nasty) and an upcoming small surgery that is not so fun without any pain medications.


Looking Forward To:
My first pre-natal massage and seeing the nursery start coming together.


Target bathing suits!

Target bathing suits!

My new fave makeup line

My new fave makeup line, Charlotte Tilbury

Scrapbooking of my growing baby bump!

Scrapbooking of my growing baby bump!


Espadrilles (also love these)

Currently I am in Puerto Rico for the long weekend with my family. I apologize for the lack of outfit posts, but this cold weather has been making it quite difficult for me. It’s bad enough to want to get dressed up but to go outside and do a shoot is too much in the freezing cold. I hope to be back with some outfit inspiration sooner than later. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram for updates!